Website Assessment

Uncover usability problems in your product based on recognized usability principles (i.e. heuristics). You get a report with specific issues and suggestions for improvements.

Customer Insights

I help companies setup and manage usability evaluations, focus groups or ethnographic research to identify key customer insights.

Customer Experience (CX) Redesign

Whether you want to revamp your existing experience — offline or online — or create a new experience, I can help you manage the process.

Customer Experience Mapping

This is a strategic process of capturing and communicating complex customer interactions. The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across the organization and helps build seamless customer experiences.

Development of New Products and Services

From incorporating customer insights into your development to helping you envision the ideal customer journey, I can help manage the strategy for your new product or service.


Stakeholder Collaboration Sessions

Interview various stakeholders and moderate collaboration sessions to get teams aligned.


Agency Search and Management

Many companies need help finding good design resources. I help them find what they need and manage those resources throughout the project.

Competitor Analysis

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors vs. your experience to identify opportunities and potential threats.



Intuit: Launched Intuit’s First Content Website

Quicken Financial Network. I used ethnographic in-home customer sessions to unlock innovative ways that enabled Quicken & QuickBooks to be category leaders.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab: ‘Best Financial Website’ by Fortune Magazine

As Director, Client Experience for, I oversaw a successful website redesign that won the ‘Best Financial Website’ by Fortune Magazine. I broke down organizational silos and led a cross-functional team to map the customer journey across multiple channels and design a seamless customer experience.


BlackRock: The Company’s First In-house UX Team

As Vice President, Global User Experience for, I built the company’s first in-house UX team and initiated and managed a successful end-to-end website redesign driving significant improvements to user experience that increased client engagement.

State Street Global Investors

State Street Global Investors: Global Rebranding

SSGA was going through a global rebranding effort at the same time they updated their CMS and wanted to improve the overall global digital experience. Managed the redesign with various stakeholders and players globally.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo: Redesign of

I championed a massive collaboration across multiple business units to lead the redesign of Wells Throughout the project I evangelized keeping the customer center to the project, managing customer evaluations throughout the product development.


AAA: Grew the Email Database

I grew the email database from 8% to 29% within one year as the head of the Online Marketing and Sponsorship groups. I was able to achieve this by using my investigative reporting skills to uncover untapped opportunities and inefficiencies.

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California: Intranet for Employees

I worked with Blue Shield of California to create their Intranet for employees to address the many questions on the cusp of health care reform laws going into effect.


Nestle: Managed Local Events and PR Materials

When Nestle Beverage company was based in San Francisco, I worked with their Public Relations department to manage local events and create PR materials for Nestle Hot Chocolate, Juicy Juice, Coffeemate, and Nescafe.

Sutter Health

Sutter Health: Helped Lead the Patient Experience

Sutter Health asked me to help them identify opportunities to be leaders in the patient experience. I did stakeholder research and presented at their executive leadership forum on how to improve the patient experience.


“Christine Garofoli is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to guide a massive, complex website project from A to Z is unparalleled by anyone I’ve ever met. Along the way, she gracefully manages multiple stakeholders, magically gaining alignment and meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality. What I appreciate most about Christine is that she’s extremely focused on the customer experience and user-centered design, ultimately delivering an exceptional product that helps her clients connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.”

Anna Wolf

Founder of SuperScript Marketing

“I had the opportunity to work with Christine on a fast paced start-up. She worked tirelessly to lead the efforts of a re-branding and redesign of a B2C financial services public website and portal that launched with an amazing success. If you are looking for a leader who can enable success by driving your marketing vision and brand into a web interface, then look no further.”

Brian Runyan

CTO at Software Anywhere

“In leading the UX function for (part of BlackRock), Christine took leadership in promoting a user centered design approach across the business. Christine is very passionate about enhancing web user interface and is a great advocate of client experience within the organization. She also takes ownership of UX and is consistently proactive in reaching out to different teams in promoting and enforcing UX best practices.”

Frank Guo

UX Consultant

“Christine and I worked in different groups, but we had interdependencies. She was always a pleasure to work with when our tasks converged. She’s a clear thinker, she’s direct and reliable, and she always keeps her eye on the big picture. In the trenches, she never loses her cool. That makes everyone around her more productive, and happier too!”

Noel Parker


“I had the great pleasure of working with and for Christine Garofoli on CCT at Schwab. Christine was an incredibly intelligent and efficient manager. She does not waste time. Christine is smart as a whip, competent, organized, fun and wonderful to work with. She is a great team leader and a powerful influencer of everyone around her–she has an uncanny ability to just get things done, especially hard and complicated projects/impossible tasks. I would love to work with her again, if you are lucky enough to get the chance to work with this remarkable woman I say take it.”

Emily Dixon

Digital Strategist/Social Media Consultant

“Christine is a terrific person to work with. As primary liaison between her company and mine Christine led with insight, knowledge, passion, and humor. Each organization was going through significant transition and, by Christine’s leadership, great work was produced despite numerous distractions. She is a terrific addition to any team and can be counted on to produce great results while building a strong organization.”

Mike Heiser

Managing Director at AHA!

“Christine brings to the table a wealth of creative and strategic perspectives to digital products. She is able to clearly see the product vision, and work closely with the key stakeholders in a large organization to achieve it. Christine worked closely with me on the redesign of Christine approaches challenges effortlessly and is a creative problem solver. Christine also is very loyal, hard working and committed. She is a pleasure!”

Shannon Lundgren

VP Internet at Wells Fargo

“I’ve worked with Christine on projects over the course of several years when she was my client at Charles Schwab. Christine is smart, articulate, and extremely organized. It was a pleasure to work with someone who clearly understood the value of research and human-centered design.”

Maria Guidice

Director of Product Design at Facebook

“I worked with Christine while I was a consultant at Charles Schwab. She is a great manager and has an excellent understanding and capability around effectively building and revamping websites to meet the needs of consumers. She is a big believer of user design and interface, ensuring that a website truly meets the needs of its end user as well as delivering the necessary business results. She’s a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor which is so helpful in any environment.”

Cara France

CEO of The Sage Group

“I would highly recommend Christine. She is a collaborative, self-motivated senior manager who is excels at team building and setting strategy and vision. Her strategic planning and cutting edge initiatives have transformed the AAA marketing department. Christine has successfully delivered on key initiative for the organization and is a resourceful leader who excels in a fast paced environment. She has the intuitive ability to understand her staff’s strengths has brought out the best performance from them.”

Wanda Roland

Partner, Interactive Experience at IBM

“Christine oversaw a product team at Schwab and we collaborated together as I managed the client experience for affluent Schwab investors leveraging the products her team created. Christine is a strategic thinker with a solid foundation of understanding and caring about supporting clients (both internal and external). As such, her comprehensive channel marketing plans always received cross-functional approval and buy-in from the client experience teams. She is both a strong leader and a team player – critical for success in large organizations like Schwab that emphasize consensus building and demonstrated intellectual capacity. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate in another capacity with Christine!”

Jen Heyman

VP Social Media Team at Wells Fargo

“Christine was a great partner to work with at BlackRock. She demonstrated her finesse at working with and interpreting user’s needs translating them into workable, UI designs enhancing the iShares web sites. She worked well with her team and presenting information across the eBusiness group. She has been very dedicated and enthusiastic.”

Norma Cili

Consultant at Wells Fargo


I am a global customer experience expert with a proven track record of improving my clients’ bottom lines by creating stellar customer experiences—both online and offline.

I have helped companies such as Intuit, Charles Schwab, Barclays Global Investors/Blackrock, Wells Fargo, Sutter Health, State Street Global Advisors, AAA, Blue Shield of California and Nestle Beverage Company create award-winning products and customer experiences.

My unique blend of expertise in user experience, customer insights, design thinking, technology, design program management and process improvement enables me to thrive in changing environments and apply creative thinking to deliver business success. I have a group of experts (designers, programmers, UX specialists) that I pull into projects depending on your needs.

I would love the chance to talk with you about your goals.

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